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(((((((Recording...  Mixing...  Mastering...  Soundtrack Composition)))))))

I have been running a music recording/mixing/production studio since the early 90's, and have worked with digital audio since the very first version of ProTools (which had a whopping 4 tracks max!).  I currently use Logic, Ableton Live, DSP Quattro, Izotope Ozone Advanced and other software.  A to D conversion is Crane Song, SSL and API.   


I have an unabating fetish for analog gears such as Soviet era 1960's-70's tube microphones from Lomo, my vintage British TAC 72 channel mixing board, real tape echoes, spring reverb, analog filters, old Neve preamps and Siemens broadcast EQ's, and current releases from GML, Manley and UA.  If you like the velvety Bing Crosby sound or the 3D sound of Ringo's drums on the White Album, good chance it was recorded through an RCA or BBC (Coles) ribbon mic, which I also enjoy using quite a bit.  The full gamut from old school to pristine modern clarity is here.


Please review my discography and soundtracks pages for a list of projects I have engineered and composed.



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