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  • Sean Woolstenhulme- "Onward and Onwards" (production, recording, mixing, musician)

  • Evan Schiller- "uncomposed" (Songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering, production)

  • Neil Welch "The Ink Around It" (Mastering)

  • Thao and the Get Down Stay Down "Temple- Deluxe Edition" (Mixed 4 of the songs)

  • Eryn Young "Caught in the Drift" (Recording, mixing, mastering, co-production)

  • Skerik- Solo Live at Chapel Vol 2 (Mixing and Mastering)

  • Eyvind Kang (with Mike Patton)- "Virginal Coordinates"- (Ipecac) - (Recording, treatments, mixing)

  • Eamon Ra "Meat, Bones, Chemicals, Electricity" (Mastering)

  • Led to Sea- "Down by the Water- The Covers EP" (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

  • Samantha Boshnack's Seismic Belt Live in Santa Monica (Mixing)

  • Walking Papers "I Belong to You" 45 RPM single (Mixed Side A)

  • Naomi Moon Siegal "Live at Earshot" (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

  • Alvarius B- "With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven" - (Mastering and rhythm section recording)

  • Sam Boshnack Quintet- "Nellie Bly Project" (Mixing and additional recording)

  • Jami Sieber and Evan Schiller- "Soundtrack- Dorothea Lange- Grab a Hunk of Lightning" (Composer/ musician/ mix/master)

  • Sera Cahoone "The Flora String Sessions" (Mixing and additional recording)

  • Eyvind Kang- "The Story of Iceland" (Co-production, Recording, mixing, musician)

  • New Series One "Welcome From the Future" (Recording and mixing)

  • Ahamefule J. Oluo- "Now I'm Fine" (Mixing)

  • Vincent Blackshadow "Awake Right Now" (Mastering)

  • Vincent Blackshadow "B" (Mastering)

  • Vincent Blackshadow "C" (Mastering)

  • Thin Skin (Film) - (Soundtrack mixing)

  • Sulk "Hiding with You" (Mixing/ Mastering)

  • evan schiller- "sixlives" (composer/musician/engineer)

  • Johnsolo- "21 Grams" (Mastering, additional recording)

  • evan schiller "tsunamisong" (Recording, mixing, mastering)

  • Rockstarmatt- "Armaghetto II"- Mixing and additional recording

  • Sam Boshnack Quintet- "Exploding Syndrome" (Mixing)

  • SULPHUR "The Red Swingset" (Recording, mixing)

  • Sundae and Mr. Goessl- "Blue Bayou" (Mixing/mastering)

  • Skeleton Flower (Recording/Mixing/Co-production)

  • Welch/Keplinger/Mines "Here to Play" (Mastered)

  • Cantrip- "Authentic Luxury" (Recording and Mixing)

  • David Hahn- "For the Trees" (Mixing)

  • Skerik- "Live at Chapel" (Mastering)

  • Dirtace- "sulphur" (Recording)

  • Don McGreevy- "Insouciance" (Recording and Mixing)

  • Spoils- "EZPZ" (Recording and Mixing)

  • Lund Bros "Songbook IV"- (Recording and Mixing)

  • Very Special Forces- "Manifest Shania" - (Musician, engineer, mixer)

  • Scallywags- "Scallyrock" (2017) (Mixed/Mastered)

  • The Honorable Chief Ahamefule J. Oluo- (Mixing)

  • Jim Davis- "The Spirit of Nature/ Dalgath" (Mastering)

  • Alvarius B- "A Mark Twain August" (Mastering, additional recording)

  • B'shnorkestra- Global Concertos- LIVE -(Mixing)

  • Dhying - "Dhying" - Mastering

  • Evan Schiller and Paul Kikuchi "++Glacial++" (Musician, Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

  • Jami Sieber - Unspoken - The Music Of Only Breath (Recording/ mixing)

  • Theoretics- "Medusozoa Earth" -(Mastering)

  • Naomi Moon Siegel- "Shoebox View"- (Mixing)

  • Alvarius B- "Natural Wonder" (Mastering, additional recording)

  • Debbie Fier- "Waterways" (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)

  • Sundae and Mr. Goessl- "Deed I Do"

  • Master Musicians Of Bukkake ‎– The Visible Sign Of The Invisible Order - (Location Recording)

  • Diminished Men- "Vision in Crime"- (Mastering)

  • Vincent Blackshadow "Blue Box" (Mixing, mastering)

  • Jami Sieber- "Timeless" (Recording, mixing, production, mastering)

  • Diminished Men "Vision in Crime" (Mastering)

  • Tom Harter "Leo's Blues" (Mastering)

  • Sun City Girls "Eye Mohini" (Mastering)

  • Alvarius B- "Heathen Folklore" (Mastering, additional recording, musician)

  • Beth Youngblood- "Edge of Wonder" (Mixing/Mastering)

  • Jason Goessl- "Dear Santa, Won't You Bring Me A Ring? (Mastering)

  • WEEED- "Our Guru Brings Us to the Black Master Sabbath" (Mastering)

  • Pornadoes "Launchpad Omega" (Mastering) 

  • Paul Kikuchi "Portable Sanctuary Vol. 1" (Mixed, Mastered)

  • Hari Kondabolu- "Mainstream American Comic" (Assembly, mixing, mastering)

  • NoboDaddy in the Lower World- (Mixing and Mastering.)

  • Jami Sieber and Evan Schiller- "Big Joy Soundtrack"- (Co-composer, musician, recording, mix, master)

  • Industrial Revelation "Liberation and the Kingdom of NRI"- (Mixing)

  • Ezra Anderson- "Dweller" (Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Musician)

  • Led to Sea (Alex Guy) "The Beautiful Humming of Ms. Fortune" (Mixing, additional recording)

  • The Invisible Hands (Alan Bishop)- "Teslam" (Mixing/mastering)

  • Don McGreevy and Rogier Smal "Arch/Textures" (Mix, additional recording)

  • Hari Kondabolu- "Mainstream American Comic" (Mixing, assembly, mastering)

  • Ishq Ke Maare: Sufi Songs from Sindh and Punjab, Pakistan [Sublime Freq]- (Mastering)

  • Hey Marseilles- “Lines We Trace” (Recording)

  • Jason Goessl- "Fractal Horizons" (Mastering)

  • Agu- "Reach In" (Mixing and mastering)

  • Jami Sieber- "Queen of the Sun" Soundtrack- (Recording, mixing, composed a few songs)

  • Lund Bros. "Sanguine" - (Additional recording)

  • Sunday and Mr. Goessl- "Dear Santa, Won't You Bring Me A Ring?- (mastering)

  • Eli Rosenblatt- "Elephant Car" (Mastering)

  • B'Shnorkestra- "Go to Orange" (Mixing, additional recording)

  • Alvarius B./ Aland Bishop - "What One Man Can Do with an Acoustic Guitar, Surely Another Can Do with His Hands Around the Neck of God" (Mastering)

  • Syrinx Effect- "Snail Songs" (Mixing)

  • JB Junior and Jive Jumpin' Fleas- "Out of the Coop and into the Uke" (Mastered)

  • Led to Sea (Alex Guy)- "Into the Darkness" (Additional recording)

  • Jeff Angell's Staticland-  (Additional vocal recording)

  • OosiK- "Molecules" (Musician, recording, mixing, mastering)

  • Ezra Anderson- "Once Was" (Recorded, mixed, musician, mastered)

  • Alan Bishop and The Invisible Hands (self titled) (English)  (Additional recording, mixing, mastering)

  • The Syrinx Effect- “Gnarly and Sweet” (Recording/mixing)

  • The Unwilling Participants- "The Bear" (Recording)

  • Ruler- "Winning Star Champion" (Recording)

  • Endless Nothing (eponymous) (Mastering)

  • Alvarius B- "Fuck You and the Horse You Rode In On" (Mastering)

  • Alvarius B- "What One Man Can Do" (Mastering)

  • Alan Bishop and The Invisible Hands – Insect Dilemma, Lily Twil 45 (Mastering)

  • Dead Kenny G's - "Gorelick" (Recording, mixing, mastering)

  • Sublime Frequencies Release: "Radio Niger, Volume 1" (Mastering)

  • Sadhappy- "Outerspaces" (Musician, recording, mixing, co-writer) 

  • V - “Bala” – (Musician)

  • Sundae & Mr. Goessl "Santa, Won't You Bring Me a Ring?" (Mastering)

  • Re:Agent- “Zulu”- (Mixed)

  • Open Graves with Stuart Dempster “Flightpatterns” (Mixed and mastered)

  • Queen of the Sun cd soundtrack release (Recorded, mixed, mastered)

  • Diminished Men “Six o’ Clock Baby” (Mastering)

  • Sarah Christine “Free From Fear” (Mixing)

  • Tito Ramsey “1107 Sessions” (Mixing)

  • Stefanie Robbins “In the Sun” (Recording, mastered)

  • Fanny Alger “Yellow Monster” (Mastering)

  • The Ruminator (Steve Schmidt) (Mastering)

  • Stanley Greenthal “First Song” (Additional recording and final analog mix)

  • Si Limon EP (Mastering) 

  • The Invisible Hands (Arabic version) (Mixing, additional recording)

  • Alysia Tromblay (OD recording)

  • Skerik's Bandalabra - Live At The Royal Room ‎(Mixing)

  • Man Down Medic – “Fantasyland”- (Mixing)

  • Marguerite Conti “Bring the Music” – (Recording and mixing)

  • Conservative Dad (eponymous) – (Mastering)

  • Conservative Dad “Mechanical”- (Mastering)

  • Barry Cleveland - Hologramatron Lake Of Fire (Remix)

  • Diminished Men - Names Of The Dead ‎ (Mastering)

  • Jami Sieber and Kim Rosen- "Only Breath"- (Recording, mixing, musician)

  • Kym Tuvim “Nothing Sweet Nothing” (Vocal recording, mixing)

  • The Toy Boats (Mixing/ mastering)

  • Yam “Ghost Driver” (Recording, mixing)

  • Midnight Idols- "Sworn to the Night" (Mixing)
  • Cornelius “Ponga” (Remix)

  • de la soul ohm force (Remix)    

  • Correo Aereo "PARA CANTARLE AL RIO/TO SING A RIVER" [Recorded and mixed]   

  • Rippletank "rippletank" (Periscope) [Musician, writer, engineer, mixer]

  • Master Musicians of Bukake (Abduction) [Musician, location recording] 

  • Aiko Simada- "Like Hannah" (Bera)- [Recording, mixing, co produced with Aiko]

  • Edisyn (Self Titled)- [Mixing] 

  • Geoff Tate (The voice of Queensryche)- "Geoff Tate"- (Sanctuary) [drummer, co-writer, loops]   

  • Jessica Lurie "Zipa Buka"- [Recording and mixing]

  • Aiko Shimada - "Blue Marble"- (Tzadik)- [Recording, mixing, loops, co-produced with Eyvind Kang]

  • Guitar Monks- "Songs for Oblivion" (Mixing)

  • Very Special Forces- "Very Special Forces" - (Musician, engineer, mixer)

  • Ponga "Remixes"- (Loosegroove/Sony) [Remix-index 4]

  • Jessica Lurie "Motorbison Serenade"- [Mixing]

  • The Hans Fahling Quartet- "Hamburg Port of Call"- [Recording, mixing]

  • Critters Buggin "Bumpa" (Pre-Mixing)

  • SADHAPPY - "Good Day Bad Dream"- (Musician, engineer, writer, mixer)

  • Eyvind Kang - "Seven Nades"- (Digital editing, additional recording)

  • The Pleasure Elite - "Bad Juju"- (Played drums)

  • Northwest Ungrunge- (Musician)

  • Eye of the Needle- (Musician)

  • Glass Penguins- "Rasperry" (Musician)

  • Warm and Fuzzy Feelings (Musician)

  • Artis the Spoonman "Entertain the Entertainers" - (Recording, mixing, produced, played drums)

  • SADHAPPY - "The Good, the Bad... and the Scary"- (Musician, producer)

  • SADHAPPY - "Wailingfuckingbassanddrums"- (Musician, mixed)

  • SADHAPPY - "Live- Before We Were Dead"- (Musician, mixing with Adam Kasper)

  • SADHAPPY - "Depth Charge"- (Musician, mixing, co produced)

  • SADHAPPY - "Spin Cycle"- (Musician, mixing, co produced)

  • SADHAPPY - "Sideways Laughing"- (Musician, recording and mix, co produced)

  • The Storybook Krooks "The Storybook Krooks" (Musician)

  • Beyond Rock (prog rock compilation) (Musician)

Tom Harter 'Leo's Blues'
Tom Harter 'Leo's Blues'


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Blackshadow 'Awake Right Now'
Blackshadow 'Awake Right Now'


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sadhappy sideways laughing cassette
sadhappy sideways laughing cassette

musician, recorded on 4 track cassette, mixed

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Tom Harter 'Leo's Blues'
Tom Harter 'Leo's Blues'


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